Sicko HIV parents try “curing” infected baby with SNAKE venom


Now finally six years later the couple have appeared in court charged with aggravated negligence after failing to tell doctors about the wife”s HIV infection, which as a result meant that no precautions were taken during the Caesarean birth and the child became infected with the disease either during the birth of from the breastfeeding afterwards.

Medics realised a few weeks later that the child was suffering from an HIV infection, and confronted the parents who admitted that they knew but had said they believed a faith healer who had told them the child could not be infected while being born.

The child is now six years old and cared for in a home.

The 50-year-old man and his 37-year-old wife, who were not named, were charged by a court in Dusseldorf, but only the man turned up and was given two years of probation.

He told the court: “I blame my wife. She told me that the medical advice we had been given was that the boy could not be infected.”