That’s how they do it in France! Albanian people smuggler JAILED just 3 DAYS after arrest


The trafficker was found with wads of cash and five Albanians without identity documents when border police stopped his car in Moselle, near the German and Belgian border in northern France on Friday.

And within just three days the smuggler was arrested, charged and caged for six months.

France’s state of emergency allows the courts to sentence people within 48 hours.

The man, whose age and identity have not been disclosed, was found to have travelled in and out of the Schengen zone “multiple times” by car in the past two years, border police said.

Police also confirmed that the man had been paid “considerable amounts” to smuggle immigrants into France “discreetly”.   

A spokesperson for the Moselle authorities added the car the human trafficker had been using to smuggle the migrants into France was” registered in Albania,” and that he had been carrying a “large sum of money”. 

The five Albanian immigrants, for their part, were arrested and taken into police custody on Friday. All have since been ordered to leave French territory. 

Close to three EU borders, Moselle is a migrant hotspot and one of the main gateways into France. 

Moselle is also home to the ‘Blida’ refugee camp, a sprawling tent camp which has been dismantled on several occasions, to no avail. 

Christian Lajarrige, a local border police chief, told the French daily Le Républican Lorrain: “We have reinforced security along our borders with Germany and Belgium and have boosted security in and around Strasbourg airport in a bid to choke off the influx of migrants into France.”