Viewers can’t decide whether they’re Team Cobra or Team Dogs after watching THIS Clip


The video shows five fearless Rottweilers taking on the huge deadly predator as it slithers across a stone courtyard, thought to be somewhere in India.

Using their advantage in numbers, the dogs take it in turns to attack the 13ft snake from behind while the others distract it from the front.

As the fight wears on, the attacks begin to take their toll on the reptile – with bite marks visible across its body.

The minute-long clip ends before the climax of the fight, sparing viewers the sight of seeing the cobra killed by the gang of dogs.

And viewers can’t decide whether they felt sorry for the snake or not.

“Omg dogs are absolute bad asses,” wrote one user.

But another comment read: “I think this clip is really f****** cruel, the poor innocent snake was most likely minding its own business and keeping to itself and all of a sudden it”s tormented by a pack of domestic pooches.

“Gee, I wished I”d never watched this clip now!”

Earlier this week a hiker in Merredin, Australia, came across the bizarre sight of two king brown snakes locked in a mating battle.

The bizarre clip went viral after being shared across social media this week.