Vladimir Putin’s kamikaze satellite launch fires up global space arms race


China launched “three mysterious” satellites in 2013.

Among them was the Shiyan-7 satellite which has a grabbling arm which can knock other satellites from their orbit path, Space.com reports.

“We have very good surveillance and intelligence capabilities,” General John Hyten, head of of US Strategic Command, said. “We can see threats that are being built.

“We are developing capabilities to defend ourselves. It’s really that simple.”

The US budget for space warfare is $22billion (£17.6bn), CNN reports.

But this budget was proved inadequate when a simulated space battle last year on military satellites caught US officials off guard.

The US is now rapidly developing futuristic weapons that can carry out missions in space.

These weapons include the US Navy’s Laser Weapons System and a pilotless space drone called the X-37b.

General Hyten told a CNN documentary space warfare will take place just 100 miles up in space – near to the International Space Station.

“As humans go out there, there has always been conflict,” General Hyten added.

“Every time humans actually physically move into a space there’s conflict and in the case with space we will have to prepared for that.”

But space threat expert and author Peter Singer fears the US could lose the war in space.

He said: “We’d be silly to say it’s not a possibility.

“What any defence [planner] will tell you is, don’t look for the ideal outcome, plan for the worst day so that you can survive.”

It comes as alien against an extraterrestrial invasion.

And boffins are homing in on an which appears to have all the conditions to host alien life.