Women with SIX children by FIVE different men can bring up the sixth, court rules


Judge Clifford Bellamy says the youngster – a girl now aged 16 months – has lived with her parents since her birth and is “thriving”. 

He said council social workers were overseeing the girl”s care. 

Detail has emerged in a ruling by the judge following the latest round of litigation at a family court hearing in Leicester. 

He said the woman could not be identified but that Leicester City Council had welfare responsibilities for the girl. 

Judge Bellamy said the woman had six children by five different fathers. 

Four had gone into council care and a fifth was living with one of the woman”s former boyfriends. 

Social workers had agreed to the sixth child staying at home providing support was offered. 

The judge said he had been asked to rule on a legal issue relating to the kind of supervision social workers provided.