Zac Goldsmith hit by his own car on his way to hustings


Zac Goldsmith hit by his own car on his way to hustings

His trousers were ‘shredded’ (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

Zac Goldsmith’s was hit by his own car in south London – leaving his trousers ‘shredded’.

The former Tory MP and London mayoral candidate was on his way to the last hustings of the Richmond Park by-election, but the accident made him about an hour late.

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He wasn’t hurt, but his trousers came out worse for wear when a volunteer driving his car apparently clipped him while out campaigning in New Malden.

As well as his trousers, Goldsmith said a ‘little bit of skin’ had been ripped.

When he finally arrived to debate his close Lib Dem rival Sarah Olney after going home to change clothes, he said he was ‘so sorry’.

‘I wasn’t going to come before you with a trouser leg shredded and not looking very nice,’ he told the audience. ‘I really had to go and present myself. I really do apologise for that.’

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He later laughed that ‘trousers are a troublesome thing in politics’ – referring to that time he ripped his trousers before his maiden speech in Parliament and had to awkwardly crawl into the chamber to keep his boxer shorts from being on full display.

Goldsmith stepped down as MP for Richmond Park and resigned from the Conservative party over the new Heathrow runway, triggering the by-election. He is standing as an independent.