Angela Merkel IS responsible for rise of Euroscepticism across EU, says expert


The number of people supporting a similar vote along the lines of the Brexit referendum has increased sharply, according to an Ifop poll.

The figures indicate support has increased by seven percent in Italy, up to 53 per cent.

In both Spain and Poland this has gone up by five percent to 39 and 38 per cent respectively.

Spanish political analyst Enric Ravello Barber said: “Euroscepticism is rising in EU countries as citizens of these countries are making sure every day that EU leaders are not competent, solving whichever problems except those of ordinary people.

“In this context there is an illustrative example of Hungary. The referendum on refugees made people’s position on the policy of open borders clear. This factor played a crucial role in the outcome of the referendum on UK leaving [the European Union].”

Speaking to Sputnik, he added: “Another question is that it must be a real union, not a dictate of some states … I am speaking here about Germany and its leader Angela Merkel, who from my point of view is responsible for the rise of the number of eurosceptics.”

He said the idea of the European Union was good as only being together the European countries can be a real power like the United States and Russia.

“I am not surprised by the rise of Euroscepticism in EU countries especially in countries such as Italy and Spain,” said another Spanish political analyst Argelio Garci.

“Deteriorating economic situation in these states is, from my point of view, the main reason.

“The policy of austerity promoted by Brussels is damaging prosperity of ordinary people, who are lacking money.”