BREAKING Gunman takes multiple hostages in Florida bank robbery


More than 10 hostages are being held inside the Community First Credit Union on Edgewood Avenue West, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff”s Office.

The armed hostage taker is believed to have tried to rob the bank nut become aggressive when his heist failed.

SWAT teams are in position ready to take down the suspect.

A police officer at the scene admitted it is possible somebody may have already been wounded.

Officer Melissa Bujeda said: “We know multiple people are inside the bank but we haven”t been able to verify if someone has been shot.

“The suspect who tried to rob the bank is contained inside the bank.

“Some of the immediate area has been evacuated, including nearby businesses.

“We”re asking for everyone”s cooperation at this time. We want this to be a safe resolution for everybody and we are doing our darndest to make that happen.”

More to follow…