Do your young kids listen to angry music? Mum”s fear for son over rap songs


In the clip – filmed by her eldest son on a smartphone – the mother sits at her son”s PC and scrolls through his music playlist.

Every single song is hip hop and r “n” b and many of the lyrics contain rude words offensive language or graphic imagery including: “I f****d his mum.”

After listening to several songs she storms into her younger son”s bedroom and confronts him for his selection shouting: “Do you enjoy the disgusting s*** they talk about? F***ing? Sex? Sucking?

“This is affecting your brain. It”s turning you into a psychotic person.”

The clip – filmed in the US – has racked up thousands of hits in only one day and viewers loved what they saw.

One reader wrote: “Haha. This is brilliant. Her face when she hears the lyrics is priceless.”

Another commented: “Hilarious and that kid has really bad taste in music.”

And a third added: “Funny but this is actually the problem with rap. Too much rubbish and nothing good.”

But this isn”t the first viral rant to catch the internet”s attention.

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