Lion mauls trainer to death during circus routine in horrifying video


The clip – filmed on a smartphone – shows trainer Islam Shaheen, 20, waving a stick in front of a lion as another lion stands on a ladder.

Pumping house music plays as the tamer performs in front of a crowd of parents and children.

But suddenly things take a dramatic turn for the worse.

A third lion appears to react to something in the music and launches itself towards the trainer.

The huge beast sinks its teeth into the tamer”s neck as scores of frightened shrieks are let out from the terrified children.

Fellow trainers attempted to help Shaheen and he was rushed to the Andalusian Salam hospital.

He died later from his injuries after 10 years of working for the circus, according to his brother.

Circus spokesman, Mohammed Mustafa, said the attack happened due to it being mating season.

The clip has racked up thousands of hits in only a few hours and viewers were not sympathetic towards the trainer.

One LiveLeak user wrote: “Good. F*** the circus.”

Another commented: “If I had to listen to that awful music I”d bite somebody in the neck too.”

And a third added: “Let me guess, the lion will be killed for being a lion.”

But this isn”t the first horrifying animal video to terrify the internet.


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