Mother hauled into school because daughter can’t stop laughing at teacher’s name


Mother hauled into school because daughter, 5, can

Priscilla Terumalai says she and the teacher are not on speaking terms (Picture: NTI)

A mother was hauled into a meeting with her daughter’s school because the five-year-old laughed at her teacher’s name.

Annalise Terumalai told her mother Priscilla that she could not stop giggling whenever she heard her teacher’s name.

Priscilla later met the teacher, Miss Butt, at a parents’ council meeting at Mayville School in Leytonstone, east London.

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She told the teacher the story and said she dismissed it and did not seem bothered.

But within days, the mother-of-two was summoned to a meeting with the head of year, the school manager, a teacher assistant and another reception teacher to answer for her daughter’s ‘naughty’ titters.

Priscilla said: ‘When I received a call from the school, I was appalled at how pathetic and petty it was. I wasn’t making fun of her name at all. I wasn’t happy about being reported.’

She added that she and Miss Butt are not on speaking terms after her daughter laughed at her comical name.

But now, the mum-of-two and the reception teacher have agreed not to speak – even at the school gates.

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Priscilla said: ‘We don’t speak now, and I’m worried about it having a negative effect on my daughter’s education.

‘I saw her at the school gates picking up her daughter but we didn’t say hello. She’s my daughter’s teacher but I won’t be going to any more meetings.

‘I can’t say I’m going to move her to another school, but if it affects her education I will.’

Priscilla wants Annalise to be moved to a different class as a result of the tension – but requests have fallen on deaf ears.

She added: ‘I felt intimidated in the meeting and they made me feel like I was in the wrong. The school over reacted and it made me feel really angry and it is not good enough.

‘I felt I was treated unfairly because I am putting my trust in the teacher and I am not comfortable with my daughter being in her class now.

‘Annalise is too young to notice if she is being treated differently and I am disappointed about the disruption to her learning.’

The drama means she is now considering moving her daughter to a different school.

A spokesman for Mayville Primary School said: ‘We’re talking to the mum on a regular basis.

‘Generally speaking we would only transfer a child from one class to another as a last resort as it can be incredibly unsettling and disruptive for the pupil, and their wellbeing is always our priority.’