Mystery Aztec temple and 30 human skeletons unearthed by builders in 650year discovery


Workers building a new shopping centre stumbled across the find which has excited archeologists.

The build had begun several years ago but it wasn”t until recently that they discovered the ancient temple in Tlatelolco, Mexico City.

It”s believed to honour the god of wind Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl who features in Aztec and other cultures from Mesoamerica.

The archaeological site where the shopping centre is based previously uncovered 30 human burials and an amazing 43,000 archaeological objects.

But this latest discovery has made the site even more impressive.

It follows the gruesome discovery of an ancient “witch” corpse unearthed in Thailand.

And in Britain experts came across a shocking mass grave burial pit filled with the skeletons of 27 children.

Archeologists held a press conference to present the discovery of the circular structure which is located in 300 square metres of land.

The temple itself measures around 12 metres in width and almost 1.2metres in height.

Buried three metres underground, experts believe the structure to be 650 years old.

The archaeological site will open to the public in 2017.