Police chief who bared breasts at junior colleague can keep her job


Police chief who bared breasts at junior colleague can keep her job

Rebekah Sutcliffe, Assistant Chief Constable (Picture: PA)

A police chief who pulled down her top and exposed her breast to a junior colleague will be allowed to keep her job after she was described as a ‘role model’.

Rebekah Sutcliffe, Assistant Chief Constable with Greater Manchester Police, was annoyed with the other female police officer because she’d had a boob job.

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She berated Superintendent Sarah Jackson as a ‘laughing stock’ who would be judged professionally ‘on the size of her tits’.

Claiming her ‘credibility was zero’ because of her breast augmentation, she then exposed her own breast.

‘Look at these, look at these, these are the breasts of someone who has had three children. They are ugly but I don’t feel the need to pump myself full of silicone to get self-esteem,’ she said.


Ass Ch Con Rebekah Sutcliffe who has been accused of misconduct after she was accused of flashing her breasts at another senior policewoman during a police function in Manchester.

She will keep her job 

But despite the panel ruling she had behaved ‘shockingly’ and ‘cruelly’, they recommended she should not be sacked.

A panel found her gross misconduct had taken Ms Sutcliffe to ‘the very precipice of dismissal’.

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But they said she should receive a final written warning rather than getting the sack.

Ms Sutcliffe, 47, admitted misconduct in failing to treat Ms Jackson with respect or courtesy and that she abused her position and authority.

She also acknowledged that her actions discredited the police service.

However she had denied it amounted to gross misconduct.

nA senior police officer suspended over allegations she rowed with a colleague about their breasts is facing a public disciplinary hearing.nRebekah Sutcliffe, 47, answering charges she breached required standards of professional behaviour during an alleged ¿bust-up¿ with a female colleague at a swanky bash for senior women police officers at Manchester¿s Hilton Hotel in May.nnnPic shows Police press conference Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe

The incident happened after a police dinner on May 6 at Manchester’s Hilton Hotel.

Ms Jackson said she was ‘shocked, mortified, embarrassed and ashamed’ at the comments made by her superior.

On Tuesday, the panel was told that Ms Jackson, who has since transferred to Cumbria Constabulary, had suffered ‘great anxiety from the night itself and since’.

Announcing the panel’s recommendation, panel chair Rachel Crasnow QC said: ‘Assistant Chief Constable Sutcliffe allowed herself to drink too much and when drunk behaved shockingly, cruelly and hurtfully to Sarah Jackson and she stupidly exposed her breast.

She said Ms Sutcliffe – who has served GMP for 23 years – had ‘let herself down’ and that ‘her behaviour fell far far below the conduct to be expected of any police officer and a role model of her rank’.

She added though that a chief officer with ‘a slightly weaker record would not have been able to survive this’.

Earlier, Sutcliffe’s counsel, John Beggs QC said the ‘sheer quality and quantity’ of the character references – more than 200 pages – before the panel ‘entitle you to come to a decision which is not career-ending’.

He said many of the statements from senior and subordinate officers spoke of her as ‘inspirational’, ‘visionary’ and ‘a strong leader’.

One unnamed female detective chief inspector at GMP said she is ‘a role model to many women in the organisation’.


A further hearing in public is expected in the New Year when police will make the final decision on Ms Sutcliffe’s future.