Presidentelect Donald Trump may never reach the White House after elector BOMBSHELL


The US electoral system counts on ceremonial electors who represent the vote result from each state.

They will all “vote” on December 19 in a formality that will see president-elect Trump handed the keys to the White House.


But “at least 15” of these representative electors where Trump won the majority are plotting to go against the will of their people on the day – potentially sending the US government into chaos.

“What my source told me is that there is a coalition of at least 15 Trump electors who have decided that they are not going to cast their electoral votes for Donald Trump.”

One Texan elector has already resigned after claiming he could not honestly vote for vote in the ceremony.

A website called Hamilton Electors is persuading fellow electors to go against Trump later this month, too.

It writes on its site: “The Founding Fathers intended the Electoral College to stop an unfit man from becoming President.

“The Constitution they crafted gives us this tool.

“Conscience demands that we use it.

“Together, we can stop Trump when the Electoral College votes on December 19th.

“Electors are pledging to put America first and vote for a responsible Republican alternative who can unify our country.”