Prince Harry inspects plane used to find pirates and drug smugglers


The 32-year-old royal, a former Army Air Corps pilot, took a tour of the sleek C26 propeller plane during a visit to the Paragon Base in Barbados.

Resembling a private jet, the marine patrol aircraft is used to keep watch over land and sea as well as carrying out humanitarian missions and helping to rescue vessels in distress. 

Harry was told how the 50-strong Defence Force, based near the island”s Grantley Adams International Airport, had carried out 3314 sorties since 2001, seizing 17,659.4kg of cocaine and 118,970lbs of cannabis.

Altogether 712 arrests have been made by the team, which operates as part of the Regional Security System – a crime-stopping collaboration between all the Caribbean islands.

Director of Operations Lieutenant Colonel Glyne Grannum said: “The C26 is quite a nimble asset. It”s got sufficient endurance and speed to be able to run surveillance across the Caribbean states as well as providing support missions to the US and other bordering countries”.