Protests descend into chaos after police officer who shot black man walks FREE from court


Around 100 activists protested outside Charlotte Police Headquarters, chanting anti-police slogans.

Disgruntled locals chanted: “Dirty racist a** cops we don”t need “em, need “em. Back up, back up, we want freedom, freedom.”

Other protestors held banners which read “How to get away with murder: become a cop”.

Officer Brentley Vinson was cleared of murdering 43-year-old Scott after prosecutors produced footage which showed the deceased black male was armed before he was gunned down on September 20.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg”s District Attorney, Andrew Murray, told the court was not enough evidence to charge Vinson with murder – despite the death being deemed a homicide.

The CCTV footage produced showed to the court showed a gun attached to Mr Scott”s ankle, on the day of his death.

After his 40-minute presentation in court, Mr Murray took to Facebook advising protestors to familiarise themselves with the crime before reacting.

He wrote: “The community should read the report. Digest the report. Please do not act viscerally on news snippets.”

Four people who were part of the protests have been arrested, one for disorderly conduct and the remaining three for attempting to obstruct traffic.

Reports have said one protester tried to remove the station”s flag, but was stopped.

Responding to the protests, the police department tweeted a statement read:”We support right to lawful protest; we ask those involved to simply obey the laws.”