Russian government advisor slams Trump and his cabinet with claim ’they’re all nutters’


Chatting on The James Whale Show on Talk Radio, former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov dealt a harsh blow to the US President-elect.

Discussing relations between the US, UK and Russia, Alexander told James: “Theresa May seems to be her own woman, she might say to the Americans ‘look guys, we have our own interests we’re out of Europe’.”

James responded by telling him: “Well I think Trump would like a good relationship with Putin.”

But Alexander quickly interrupted, saying: “I don’t trust him. If you look at the people he’s getting into his team, they’re all nutters.

“They’re all hawks, they’re all hard-liners.

He went on: “You know he has this ‘Mad Dog Mattis’?”

James Mattis is Trump’s newly selected Secretary of Defence.

“Are you going to tell me that this guy – who is a trigger happy nutter – is going to say ‘oh let’s be friends with Russia, oh I like Russians’ .

“He’s always saying he wants to kill people.”

The shock outburst comes as Russian president Vladimir Putin revealed details of a phone call he had with Trump soon after the US election result.

while talking in Moscow.

While Trump may have a new Brit ally on his side in the shape of unlikely

The former I’m a Celeb winner star has thrown his hat in the ring to become PM of the UK saying: “If Trump can do it, I can do it”.