Russia”s Supreme Court SLAPS DOWN leftie party for trying to scrap Putins election victory


Yabloko, one of Russia’s oldest liberal parties, filed a lawsuit for the State Duma election results to be cancelled because the polls were not “free and democratic”.

Speaking to the Supreme Court, the party claimed at least 26 violations had taken place during the voting process, and their left-wing politicians did not have as much access to the media as other candidates.

It was also argued that Russian authorities across the country unlawfully obstructed their liberal campaign, saying incidents of “ballot-box stuffing” had taken place, after images were circulated on the internet.

Russia’s Central Elections Commission came under fire as they were accused of promoting damaging lies about the left-wing party, failing to respond to fake newspaper.

According to RT news, a spokesperson for the Central Election’s Commission told the Supreme Court “only four of the violations were legitimate and 19 of the alleged violations did not even contradict the law.”

The spokesperson claimed that the results of the elections were corrected with the violations in mind, leaving only three still investigated by law enforcement agencies.

After the six-hour hearing took place on Tuesday, the Supreme Court judge said he agreed with the Central Elections Commission spokesman as Yaboko’s claims were false.

The judge went on to say the alleged violations that took place were ‘mine’ and could not affect citizens” freedom to vote nor affect the results of the elections.

United Russia, Putin’s party, won 343 out of 450 seats with Yabloko failing to get a parliamentary representative in the September election.