School teacher ‘condoned Charlie Hebdo terror attack in front of pupils’


School teacher

He taught in Tower Hamlets (Picture: Google Maps)

A teacher has been banned from the classroom after he allegedly told a pupil that victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre deserved to be killed because they insulted Islam.

Hamza Jalal Tariq, 28, taught at a secondary school in East London’s Tower Hamlets area.

But he was taken to a professional conduct panel over numerous allegations of misconduct.

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The panel found that it was likely to be true that he said the twelve victims of the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris ‘should be killed for insulting the prophet’ in a lesson.

Tariq was in charge of a class of 11 to 14 year olds at the school for pupils who have been excluded from mainstream education, often for behaviour problems.

He had worked at the Tower Hamlets PRU (Pupil Referral Unit), which has four sites in the borough, since 2013.

The allegations

As well as his comment condoning the massacre, he was also found to have

  • Given a pupil a wedgie as a practical joke, leaving the pupil feeling ‘ashamed’
  • Had play fights with students, including picking them up and grappling with them and flicking rubber bands
  • Allowed pupils to play computer games and watch YouTube in class
  • Allowed students to smoke and smoked himself where they could see him
  • Sworn in front of pupils ‘on multiple occasions’
  • Called another teacher a ‘f***ing b****’ and a ‘snitch’
  • Said it was ‘safe’ (i.e. good) when told a student had been sent out of class for bad language

But he quit after the allegations came to light, despite saying they were all ‘fabricated’.

He didn’t attend the hearing, but told the Evening Standard: ‘It is a complete fabrication and utter joke from start to beginning. I can’t remember these incidents being mentioned.’

‘Charlie Hebdo has never been mentioned to me for me to know about so that I can give any explanation.’

But he admitted jumping onto a table on one occasion.

A spokesman for Tower Hamlets council said: ‘Tower Hamlets Council were made aware of allegations against Mr Tariq in February 2015 and immediately initiated multi-agency child protection procedures in liaison with the Police Child Abuse Investigation Team accordingly.

‘The school subsequently followed the recommendations to fully investigate the concerns, to initiate disciplinary proceedings as necessary and subject to the outcome of this to make a referral to the NCTL as appropriate.’