Sweden resurrect Cold War defences as tensions with Putin’s Russian military rise


The Scandinavian country has restored some of its Cold War-era weapons systems, including an anti-ship missile launcher.

Top Swedish military bosses seized the launch trucks from museums in a bid to increase their

The Swedish army had previously disbanded their coastal artillery almost 20 years ago, but now realise they need the powerful land-based weapons more than ever.

In the above video, elite Swedish army officials can be seen test-firing state-of-the-art guided missiles from the Kustrobotbatteri 90 launcher.

“It means that we can shoot anti-ship missiles from land over great distance. It provides increased flexibility and capability in marine warfare. It increases military capability and that’s something we need.”

The Swedish army plan to station the newly restored missile systems on the island of Gotland not far from Russian territory, as tensions in the region continue to rise.

The news comes as

And in Crimea,