“You don”t understand!” Geldof HECKLED as he tries to sway voters by Brexitbashing


The Irish songwriter appeared at a rally for Mr Goldsmith’s rival Sarah Olney as voters prepared to go to the polls today, after the Tory MP stood down following the Government’s backing of a third runway at Heathrow. 

Richmond, in west London, is under the flight path for Heathrow and Mr Goldsmith pledged six years ago when elected that he would resign if plans were given the green light.

At a rally in the town Sir Geldof attacked his former friend Mr Goldsmith, labelling him the ‘poster-boy’ for the Leave campaign, and criticising his parliamentary career. 

But the outspoken activist was heckled by crowds who shouted: “You don’t understand Brexit” as he tried to style the election as a fightback against triggering Article 50. 

The 65-year-old said: “I know Zac Goldsmith and I like the guy, but the plain fact is that Zac is a political failure.

“How can Goldsmith represent the opinion of the people of Richmond in Parliament when he is the poster-boy for the Brexiteers and is urging the Government daily on its catastrophic course?

“The fightback can begin in Richmond tomorrow; Zac has to go.”

He led chants of “Zac is crap” as he stood shoulder to shoulder with Ms Olney trying to drum u support in Richmond. 

Embarrassingly the Irishman was taken to task by voters, who lashed out at the founder of Band Aid. 

Alastair Rosenschein, a retired pilot, said: “Bob Geldof you do not understand. 

“You don”t understand the facts about Heathrow, you simply don”t

A vocal champion of the Remain campaign, Sir Geldof famously had a show-down with former Ukip leader Nigel Farage during a rally on the Thames. 

And Sir Geldof’s stance was backed by Lib Dem leader and Remainer Tim Farron, who said: “I’m grateful to Bob Geldof for standing up for pro-European voices at a time when our country needs them more than ever.

“We’re both backing Sarah Olney to win tomorrow to send a shockwave through Downing Street and turn the tide on a reckless hard Brexit.”

Hoping to claim the London seat back from the Tories, Ms Olney tweeted: “Fantastic to be out talking to voters with Bob Geldof throwing his support behind the @LibDems in #RichmondPark.”

She has vowed to vote against triggering Article 50 if MPs are allowed to vote, which she hopes will win her support after more than 70 per cent of Richmond residents voted to remain in the EU. 

The 39-year-old accountant said: “Brexit has been the centre of our campaign because that”s what voters have been telling us they are most concerned abou

“We”ve been making it clear on the doorstep that we don”t want to leave the European Union, that we will continue the fight.

“If I win tomorrow, it will send a very clear message to Theresa May that voters are turning against her plans for hard Brexit.”