Charles Manson’s son reveals moment he found out killer was his dad


Charles Manson’s son has spoken about the moment he found out his dad was the infamous serial killer and cult leader.

Matthew Roberts, who discovered he was adopted when he was young, found out he was related to the mass murderer when he tracked down his birth mother at the age of 29.

The musician had spent four years looking for her after deciding to explore his background because he was getting married and was planning to have children.

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Mr Roberts’ mother was suffering from mental problems but she did tell him through a series of letters she had travelled with Manson after being introduced by Mary Brunner, who was a member of the Manson family.

‘They then drove back to Berkeley, and my conception happened somewhere in the interim,’ Mr Roberts, now 48, told

‘This was confirmed by him, in letters I have from him, addressing the issue.’

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