Kremlin calls claims it has ‘compromising info’ on Donald Trump a ‘total bluff’


The Kremlin has called claims if has compromising information on Donald Trump a ‘total bluff’.

An unverified dossier, said to be compiled by an ex-British spy, was released last night making a series of unsubstantiated claims about the US-president elect.

#WaterSportsGate: Best reactions to claims Trump hired prostitutes to perform golden showers

Amongst them were allegations the billionaire once hired prostitutes to perform a golden shower on a bed on which the Obamas once slept in a Moscow hotel room.

The claims were dismissed by the real estate mogul as ‘fake’ and have now been denied by Russia.

‘The Kremlin has no compromising information on Trump, this report does not correspond to reality and is nothing but an absolute fiction,’ deputy head of the Russian presidential administration Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.

Kremlin doesn

Dmitry Peskov told reporters the claims were absolute fiction (Picture: Getty)

‘This is a total bluff, an absolute fabrication, complete nonsense,’ he said.

The Kremlin also denied that it had any information on Hillary Clinton, which was also alluded to in the documents.

‘The Kremlin does not collect compromising information.

‘The Kremlin [and] the Russian president are engaged in building relationships with our foreign partners, firstly – in the interests of the Russian Federation, in the interests of the Russian people, secondly – in the interests of global peace, stability and security.’

What does the dossier say?

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