People filmed climbing down balconies of highrise building to escape fire


People filmed climbing down balconies of high-rise building to escape fire

They had to climb down the side of the building (Picture: Rayhan Rohan/Channel 24)

Panicked men and women were forced to climb down the outside of a high-rise building as a fire raged inside.

Hundreds of onlookers watched in horror from the road below, while people clambered down balconies and edged down the corners and ledges of the outer walls.

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Fire broke out at the 19-storey building in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, on Monday afternoon, apparently due to an electric short circuit.

Many were blocked from their normal exits, so had to make a terrifying climb down to the street.

Chilling video from the scene shows the danger they were in:


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Thankfully, all those who had to risk their lives in this way reached the road safely, where they were given help.

Others, who had gathered on balconies outside to escape the flames, were rescued in time by the 15 fire crews which arrived at the scene.

Bangladeshi newspaper the Daily Star reported that one woman was hurt in the fire, falling unconscious after inhaling smoke, but she survived.