Paper review “Defiant” royals and rape case changes


Newspaper headlines: "Defiant" royals and rape law reform

Image caption The Sunday Times leads on reforms that will stop rape victims having to face cross-examination live in court. Justice Secretary Liz Truss revealed to the paper that, as of September, victims will be able to give evidence in a pre-recorded video that will be played to the jury when the trial begins.
Image caption The Sunday Express leads on the royal visit to Paris, which saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the French capital at the same time as a man was shot dead at Orly airport when he tried to grab a soldier"s gun. The paper says the couple continued with their programme "defiantly" in the spirit of "keep calm and carry on".
Image caption The Sunday Telegraph leads on new documents it says could prove a causal link between a pregnancy testing drug and birth defects. Campaigners have been battling for compensation over claims that hormone-based drug Primodos led to serious health problems for children in the 1960s and 1970s. New documents from the Berlin National Archives are now being examined by a committee of experts.
Image caption A member of the British Medical Association has told the Mail on Sunday that it is a "woman"s right to decide" if she wants to have an abortion because of the gender of her baby. Prof Wendy Savage also spoke about the 24-week abortion rule, saying doctors should "concentrate on the [rights of the] woman".
Image caption The Sunday Mirror has an interview with the personal medic of George Michael, who claims the singer knew he was close to death three weeks before he died on Christmas Day last year.
Image caption TV presenter Jeremy Kyle is set to tie the knot in a ceremony in Barbados, according to the front of the Sunday People. The paper also reports on Bruce Forsyth being back on his feet and laughing again after recent ill health.
Image caption One of the new hosts of the Great British Bake Off makes the front of the Daily Star Sunday. Comedian Noel Fielding is said to have bared all in a "racy" video.

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