Used Peugeot goes on sale for £500,000 (this one is pretty special)


NB Please note - sent with updated credit info. This 123-year-old Peugeot which is believed to be one of the oldest cars on British roads has been put on the market for around £500,000. See SWNS story SWOLD; The 1894 Peugeot Type 5 is described as ìan amazing survivor from the dawn of motoringî. It also has a motorsport history having been an entrant in the 1894 Paris to Rouen race - an event recognised as the worldís first motor race. Louis Rigoulot got behind the wheel of the Peugeot for the 80 mile race, which was unprecedented at the time, driving the car to 11th place
It’s had several careful owners (Picture: SWNS)

A second-hand Peugeot is on the market for half a million pounds.

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