Furious migrants fight EACH OTHER as overcrowded camp turns to BLOODBATH


The disturbing fight between two rival migrants gangs unfolded in the early hours of Friday morning amid soaring tensions with locals.

Footage of the brutal fight, which went on for hours, saw migrants break beds and pummel each other with sticks and stones.

The violent clashes left many hospitalised and follows growing anger from local residents.

Last week, locals clashed with police as they blamed a rise of crime on the Greek island of Chios on migrants living in the overcrowded camp.

Riots at the notorious Chios island camp have become regular, as enraged residents complain that disturbances within the camp have spilled out onto the streets.

Friday morning”s fierce fighting took place largely between Algerian migrants and Syrian refugees, according to the authorities.

Initially, police stood by and watched from a distance in order “not to stoke further violence”. 

In the harrowing clip, the two gangs fought with iron bars, clubs and rocks. 

Four people were injured from the violence and were later transferred to the local hospital.

The escalating violence then spread outside the camp, with migrants proceeding to smash up the car of a camp volunteer.

At this time, police eventually intervened and detained 15 people who started the fight. 

As part of the police crackdown, these migrants will be put in a camp for those awaiting deportation.

Earlier in the day, about 50 Algerians staged a protest in which they erected barricades, blocking the entrance of the camp with dining tables and chairs, and turned over trash bins. 

This comes as nearly 300 more migrants arrived on the Greek island migrant reception centres on Thursday. 

The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expceted to join nine of his European counterparts, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in Vienna on Saturday to discuss the migrant crisis.